Clubhouse is laying off employees and ‘resetting’ the company

Clubhouse, the once hyped audio app that took off during the height of the pandemic, is laying off staff as part of a company “reset,” the startup announced. In a … Read More

Facebook is still growing amid Meta’s ‘year of efficiency’

Mark Zuckerberg’s “year of efficiency” doesn’t seem to be affecting Facebook’s growth. Meta’s social network added 37 million users during the first quarter of the year, bringing total daily users … Read More

Here’s what TikTok’s CEO told Congress about the app’s ties to China and teen safety

At his first Congressional hearing, TikTok CEO Shou Chew tried to downplay TikTok’s ties to China and parent company ByteDance. But lawmakers at the House Energy and Commerce Committee were … Read More

A TikTok ban is a lot more complicated than just shutting down the app

Disentangling ourselves from TikTok is more complicated than simply banning the app, just ask the state of Maryland. According to a new report in The Wall Street Journal, it’s one … Read More

Like users, app developers are fleeing Twitter for Mastodon

When Twitter quietly updated its developer policies to ban third-party clients from its platform, it abruptly closed an important chapter of Twitter’s history. Unlike most of its counterparts, which tightly … Read More

Nikola founder Trevor Milton convicted on three charges of fraud

Trevor Milton, the founder and former executive chairman of Nikola, has been found guilty on three counts of fraud for misleading the electric vehicle company’s investors about its business and … Read More

Biden executive order on abortion access aims to address privacy issues

The Biden White House took a step toward shoring up some of the privacy issues that have been raised following the Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade. In a … Read More

Twitter lays off nearly 100 employees from its recruiting team

Twitter has laid off dozens of employees amid growing uncertainty around Elon Musk’s acquisition. The company cut 30 percent of its talent acquisition team, which includes recruiters and others charged … Read More

Twitter revives its developer conference after a seven-year hiatus

After a seven-year hiatus, Twitter is once again hosting an in-person developer conference. The company is bringing back Chirp, which will take place in San Francisco on November 16th. Chirp … Read More

Facebook is planning a major redesign to help it compete with TikTok

Mark Zuckerberg and other Meta executives have made it clear for some time that competing with TikTok is their top priority. Now, we have additional details about how they plan … Read More

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