VentureBeat is the latest publication to use AI in its articles

More media outlets are using AI to write articles, if not as aggressively as others. VentureBeat editorial director Michale Nuñez tells Bloomberg his publication is using Microsoft’s Bing Chat to … Read More

Apple is reportedly developing an AI health coach for Apple Watch

Apple devices can already offer health insights, but they might soon tell you just how to improve. Bloomberg sources claim Apple is developing an AI-based health coach, nicknamed Quartz, that … Read More

Google reportedly halts construction of its giant San Jose campus

Google’s long-planned 80-acre San Jose campus may be on hold, at least for now. CNBC sources say the Alphabet brand has halted construction of its Downtown West facility after an … Read More

Meta shares AI model that can detect objects it hasn’t seen before

AI normally needs to be trained on existing material to detect objects, but Meta has a way for the technology to spot items without help. The social media giant has … Read More

Tidal’s listening party feature is now widely available

After some testing, Tidal’s DJ feature is officially available. Now called Live, the option lets HiFi and HiFi Plus subscribers share what they’re playing in real-time with other paying members. … Read More

Senate bill seeks to break up Google and Meta ad businesses

The US government might not lean solely on lawsuits to limit online ad monopolies. A bipartisan group of senators has introduced the AMERICA Act (Advertising Middlemen Endangering Rigorous Internet Competition … Read More

Renewable power generation overtook coal in the US last year

Renewables are already producing more energy than fossil fuels in Europe, and now the US is approaching that milestone. The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) has determined that renewable power … Read More

Lockheed Martin is building a Moon-to-Earth satellite communications network

If humanity is going to have a long-term presence on the Moon, it’s going to need reliable communications — and Lockheed Martin thinks it can provide that link. The company … Read More

Blue Origin pins last summer’s NS-23 rocket failure on a faulty engine nozzle

Blue Origin now has an explanation for the booster failure that cut a New Shepard flight short last September. Jeff Bezos’ company has determined that a “thermo-structural failure” in the … Read More

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