Echolocation could give small robots the ability to find lost people

Scientists and roboticists have long looked at nature for inspiration to develop new features for machines. In this case, researchers from the University of Toronto were inspired by bats and … Read More

VR-controlled robots are being designed to treat injured soldiers

If you think of robots in the military, your mind may conjure dystopian images of science-fiction battlefields with AI-powered machines trading laser fire. But in a much more humane application, … Read More

Xiaomi’s new 2-in-1 robot vacuum can wash and dry its own mops

In addition to launching the 12T smartphone series today, Xiaomi also announced that its Robot Vacuum X10+ — which debuted in China back in April — is now headed to … Read More

Tesla debuts an actual, mechanical prototype of its Optimus robot

It seems like just yesterday that Elon Musk ushered a gig worker in a spandex suit onto the Tesla AI Day 2021 stage and told us it was an robot … Read More

Robot performs complex ‘keyhole’ intestinal surgery on pigs without human aid

A robot has successfully performed “keyhole” intestinal surgery on pigs without any aid from humans, according to a study from John Hopkins University (published in Science Robotics). What’s more, the … Read More

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