Workers at Blizzard support studio Proletariat aim to unionize

On Tuesday, workers at Proletariat, the Boston-based studio Blizzard bought earlier this year to support World of Warcraft development, announced they recently filed for a union election with the National … Read More

Apple Store workers in Oklahoma City vote to unionize

The Apple Store workers who’d been planning to unionize since at least early this year have come long way from using encrypted chats to organize in secret. In June, an … Read More

Exclusive: Amazon instructs New York workers ‘don’t sign’ union cards

Amazon, the second-largest employer in the United States, has made plain its desire to keep its workforce from unionizing. In one of its warehouses, ALB1 in upstate New York, that … Read More

Amazon fires senior managers from unionized Staten Island warehouse

Amazon fired a number of senior managers from its JFK8 warehouse in Staten Island on Thursday, only a month after workers voted to unionize. The New York Times reported that … Read More

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