Ring’s latest device makes voice intercom systems smarter

Ring is today announcing Intercom, its twist on the video and audio entry systems found in many apartment blocks. It’s designed to replace the hardware that’s already wired in to … Read More

Razor made an electric version of its original metal scooter

If there’s one thing that really defined that murky period just after the turn of the millennium, it was the Razor Scooter craze. A thin-and-light scooter with impractically-small wheels, these … Read More

Sony reveals its PlayStation VR2 headset

Sony has today showed off the full and finished design of the PlayStation VR2 headset, as well as updated shots of the VR2 Sense controller. PlayStation SVP Hidekai Nishino explains … Read More

UK revives plans to force age verification for adult content

The UK is, once again, attempting to introduce mandatory age verification in order to access adult content online. The beleaguered nation, currently reeling from a series of self-inflicted crises, has … Read More

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