Ring Car Cam hands-on: Amazon’s video security ecosystem hits America’s highways

Amazon’s evolution from omnipresent shopping platform to omnipresent surveillance platform continues apace, having drastically expanded its line of Ring security camera systems in recent years. Nowadays, the company offers video … Read More

Hitting the Books: Could we zap our brains into leading healthier lives?

Deep Brain Stimulation therapies have proven an invaluable treatment option for patients suffering from otherwise debilitating diseases like Parkinson’s. However, it — and its sibling tech, brain computer interfaces — … Read More

Hitting the Books: Meet the man who helped Microsoft break into the entertainment business

Some of us are destined to lead successful lives thanks to the circumstances of our birth. Some of us, like attorney Bruce Jackson, are destined to lead such lives in … Read More

Meta’s newest AI determines proper protein folds 60 times faster

Life on Earth would not exist as we know it, if not for the protein molecules that enable critical processes from photosynthesis and enzymatic degradation to sight and our immune … Read More

Hitting the Books: AI could help shrink America’s gender wage gap

Women have faced gender-based discrimination in the workforce throughout history, denied employment in all but a handful of subservient roles, regularly ignored for promotions and pay raises — and rarely … Read More

Tesla debuts an actual, mechanical prototype of its Optimus robot

It seems like just yesterday that Elon Musk ushered a gig worker in a spandex suit onto the Tesla AI Day 2021 stage and told us it was an robot … Read More

250,000 car deliveries in one quarter can’t save Tesla from dwindling revenue

The supply chain issues that have wracked the rest of the automotive industry for more than a year appear to have finally caught up with Tesla. The EV automaker announced … Read More

Hyundai’s first EV sedan is the futuristic Ioniq 6

While Tesla, Ford and GM all (very publicly) vie for the top spot in the American electric vehicle market, Hyundai has quietly built a powerhouse lineup of EVs that threatens … Read More

Rivian opens its first three ‘Adventure Network’ fast charging sites

When Rivian drivers do eventually get on the road, they’ll have their pick of charging networks including a brand new one from the EV truckmaker itself. Rivian announced on Monday … Read More

Playtime Engineering debuts two new music makers for kids

Ahead of the NAMM 2022 trade show being held in Anaheim next weekend, San Francisco’s Playtime Engineering has unveiled a pair of toys, the Blipbox SK2 synthesizer and the Blipbox … Read More

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