Apple’s much-maligned Studio Display webcam gets manual framing

Apple has released a firmware update for its Studio Display to improve its contentious 12MP ultrawide webcam, it said in the release 17 notes spotted by 9to5Mac. While the company … Read More

CD Projekt Red apologizes for anti-Russia references in Cyberpunk 2077 update

Cyberpunk 2077's developer has apologized for dialog and graffiti inserted in the Ukrainian version of the 2.0 update that's critical of Russia's invasion of the country, PC Gamer has reported. … Read More

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx successfully delivers asteroid samples back to Earth

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx seven-year mission to collect rocks and dust from a near-Earth asteroid is complete. The capsule containing the final samples returned to Earth on the morning of September 24th, … Read More

An NYPD security robot will be patrolling the Times Square subway station

The New York Police Department (NYPD) is implementing a new security measure at the Times Square subway station. It's deploying a security robot to patrol the premises, which authorities say … Read More

You can find love on Tinder for $500 a month, if you qualify for its elite tier

Tinder has officially rolled out its most exclusive subscription — “Tinder Select” — according to a report by Bloomberg. This elite pay-to-date tier will cost love seekers $500 per month … Read More

Tecno’s Phantom V flip phone puts a circular display on its cover

While most modern flip phone makers have been focusing on maximizing their cover screen sizes, a new contender decided to branch away with a circular one instead. Following its flagship … Read More

Fujifilm’s Instax Pal is a tiny digital camera that lets you print later

With its latest Instax camera, Fujifilm has separated the camera from the printer. The Instax Pal is a tiny palm-sized 4.9-megapixel (MP) camera that takes digital photos, then lets you … Read More

Max will offer free live sports streaming until March 2024

Max has revealed that it's giving subscribers access to live sporting events for free — for a limited time anyway — confirming a previous Bloomberg report about the offering. The … Read More

Huge leak reveals Microsoft will launch an all-digital Xbox Series X and new gyro controller

Microsoft is planning a mid-generation refresh of the Xbox Series X with a new disc-less cylindrical design, according to a document accidentally revealed from the FTC v. Microsoft court battle. … Read More

Unity apologizes and promises to change its controversial game install fee policy

Last week, Unity dropped a bomb on developers with a new runtime fee on its game engine that would be charged each time a title is installed — summed up … Read More

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