Philips Hue gets into home surveillance with its new Secure cameras

Signify, the Philips spinoff known for its Hue lighting products, has announced a new category for the brand that puts it in direct competition with companies like Ring and Nest. … Read More

Max will stream ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ ‘Killing Eve’ and other AMC+ shows

Max, formerly known as HBO Max, will give subscribers access to several AMC shows, at least for a limited time. The streaming service has struck a deal with AMC to … Read More

Hitting the Books: Why we haven’t made the ‘Citizen Kane’ of gaming

Steven Spielberg’s wholesome sci-fi classic, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, became a cultural touchstone following its release in 1982. The film’s hastily-developed (as in, “you have five weeks to get this to … Read More

California DMV is investigating a Cruise robotaxi’s collision with a fire truck

Cruise will temporarily be deploying fewer autonomous vehicles in San Francisco while investigators are looking into "recent concerning incidents" involving its fleet. According to The New York Times and TechCrunch, … Read More

Twitch streamers can soon block banned accounts from tuning in

Twitch announced this week that an upcoming change will allow streamers to block banned users from tuning into their streams. “You can choose to have your banned chatters no longer … Read More

Spotify almost removed ‘white noise’ podcasts to save money

White noise podcast creators on Spotify are making serious money, and the audio streaming service was reportedly not happy about it and tried to cut them off. According to Bloomberg, … Read More

Scientists are pulling back from Twitter and looking for alternatives

Earlier this year, Pew Research reported that a majority of US Twitter users reported spending less time on the platform since Elon Musk’s takeover last year. Now, new data suggests … Read More

January 6th riot investigators obtained Trump’s Twitter DMs and deleted posts

Despite having trouble obtaining former President Donald Trump's records from Twitter (now X), the special counsel investigating the events of January 6th, 2020 was ultimately able to get his hands … Read More

An Iowa school district is using AI to ban books

It certainly didn’t take long for AI’s other shoe to drop, what with the emergent technology already being perverted to commit confidence scams and generate spam content. We can now … Read More

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