ARM registers for US initial public offering

ARM has registered for a US stock market listing. In a press release published Saturday, the mobile chip company said it recently confidentially submitted a draft F-1 form to the … Read More

Elon Musk says Twitter will introduce per-article charging in May

Twitter might provide publishers with a new way to earn from their content outside of the typical recurring subscription option. According to company chief Elon Musk, Twitter will allow media … Read More

VentureBeat is the latest publication to use AI in its articles

More media outlets are using AI to write articles, if not as aggressively as others. VentureBeat editorial director Michale Nuñez tells Bloomberg his publication is using Microsoft’s Bing Chat to … Read More

Clubhouse is laying off employees and ‘resetting’ the company

Clubhouse, the once hyped audio app that took off during the height of the pandemic, is laying off staff as part of a company “reset,” the startup announced. In a … Read More

Facebook is still growing amid Meta’s ‘year of efficiency’

Mark Zuckerberg’s “year of efficiency” doesn’t seem to be affecting Facebook’s growth. Meta’s social network added 37 million users during the first quarter of the year, bringing total daily users … Read More

Apple is reportedly developing an AI health coach for Apple Watch

Apple devices can already offer health insights, but they might soon tell you just how to improve. Bloomberg sources claim Apple is developing an AI-based health coach, nicknamed Quartz, that … Read More

‘Magic: The Gathering’ publisher Wizards of the Coast sent the Pinkertons after a leaker

When a highly anticipated set of Magic: The Gathering cards leaked on YouTube last week, it’s hard to imagine anyone would have guessed the incident would end with the involvement … Read More

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